By Arnav Mishra
Jul 05 2020 8 min read

CHAPTER THREE The clock showed four. He couldn’t actually sleep now, not because of the dream, fairly not, but because of the day he was going to see. It was going to be his first day at his new school. He was pretty sure he had to stay unnoticed, because he hated bullies. And the more you are noticed, the more are your chances of getting bullied. But he also knew that his chances of staying unnoticed were extremely low, it was October after all, how come a class not notice a new student enrolling in the month of November? This is not just the right time. He also knew he’d probably had to stay with breakfast today, because after the night’s events, Buzz would probably be in a mood of revenge, Felix might go hungry to the school. The first thought to hit his mind was to have some food. He went to the bathroom, freshen up, and came back all the way to kitchen. The first thing was bread, he took the jar of peanut butter and jelly from the fridge, and ate as fast as he could, of course he didn’t want to lose this meal to Buzz. Then he went over to the fridge again

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