The Fountain of infinity (E01)

By Arnav Mishra
Jul 03 2020 6 min read

CHAPTER TWO It was dinner time, and just another bad time for Felix.  “What’s for dinner?” He asked.  “Meat, and potatoes, and beans” dad replied. Felix was delighted, at least for then, they don’t have such and good dinner frequently.  “Go wash your hands boys” dad called out.  That moment brought anything but fear to Felix. He could see, from the corner his eyes, the growing excitement on Harris’s face, and that only meant trouble to Felix. He knew what Harris was up to. He would follow him to the bathroom and lock him inside. And he was quite sure that his parents would come to his rescue, they would put aside the whole matter like it was a children’s fight, but it was wasn’t, Felix was being bullied. He ran to the bathroom to make it outside before Harris could do anything but he couldn’t outrun him, Harris held his hand and pulled him aside to a corner, “guess what? I’m far much hungrier today” Harris said.  “So what?” Felix replied.  “So you

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