By Arnav Mishra
Jul 02 2020 7 min read

CHAPTER ONE  Felix stood on the wooden floor with two heavy suitcases in his hand.  “Mom?”  He yelled “dad?”  “What?” She replied with a strange grim on her face. “Listen to me Felix, if you are going to complaint about the house, don’t, this is the best we could afford” “It’s useless” Felix murmured, “where’s my room?” He asked, raising his voice so his parents can hear him.   “Upstairs” his dad replied.  Felix put the suitcases down on the floor where he stood and made his way to the staircase and then to the upper floor, where his brother was already running around, for sure to find a better room then Felix, he didn’t want to give him a chance to find one either, suddenly he broke the silence by shouting “why is there only one room?’’  “There is only one room, you’ll have to share” his mother replied from downstairs.  Felix’s eyes widened to that in fear, he could feel the dreadful nervous

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