The first two days in the first week in my work at the hospital.

By Samy Ghoubrous
Oct 25 2019 2 min read

The first two days in the first week in my work at the hospital.Literally, the 2nd of March was a great starting new day in the clinical period which make the person so inspired to gain a lot of experience and knowledge by assigning for a new patient. The patient who occurred is an infant and was diagnosed by pneumonia. Before starting the working day with the patient, I decided to work on the basic needs of the infant. So, I started with the patient by place the electrodes in order to connect the patient with the cardiac monitor. Through this point, I felt that I am doing a good job because it was the first time of doing that. Then, I took the patient’s vital signs which are T (taking by the axillary way), R, P, and BP.           After that, I provided good body hygiene for the infant by using some lubricants and sometimes using cotton with water. Also, giving a face mask oxygen in order to assist with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). In addition, I provided good care for CVP by changing the dressing and put a small

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