The Fairy

By Jignesh Patel
Dec 28 2019 1 min read

When I was a child my mother used to tell me stories. Stories about Gods, Evil, Angels and Fairies. From those stories there were only few interesting which I can't forget. The story goes like this : There was a small village in which there were only few people living. Less the people, happy they'll be. Villagers believes in Legends and Myth. And it was real. They believe that faries comes to their house and fulfill their wishes. But there were good faries and bad faries too. Once a man named Raju worshipped an Evil Fairy, the ritual was like if you  summon her, she'll reward you with a gold but you have to face the consequences. Raju's greed was at his extreme. Raju worshipped and summoned her and waited for his reward. The next day he was shocked. His hand was turned into gold but to use it he has to cut his had. He was terrified. He learned his lesson. From that day on one wishes for wealth at the cost is consequences. And they never worship that Evil fairy again. Hard work is the only way to Prosper and Progress.

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Amazing Story. Nice concept and unique story....