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Continuation of (P-1) Nextday, in the competition ground  Lion: We will start from Fox. Fox: I am very intelligent animal. I am the one who give ideas to king and solve the problems. Without my ideas king cannot develop the forest. Monkey: I am the animal who can climb the tall trees and pick the fruits. No one can climb the trees as fast as I can. Eagle: I am animal who can fly high and high in the sky. My eyes can see the far objects. No animal can see the far objects and fly as high as me. Cheetah: I am the fastest running animal in the forest. No animal can run as fast as me in the forest. Cow: I am the animal who give milk. Rhinoceros: I can hit the enimies with by bulge. Lion: I can roar louder. Fox: We all have our own specialities. Monkey: Then who is stronger?      To be continued.........

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If we get a Competition some one is good to to each other in any skill or other one
This story makes me laugh. Love it! I would love the read from these more & more son
Moral of the story every animal have own strength..