By Sia dangi
Jun 06 2019 2 min read

i fell for a stranger during my graduation. I am successful in hiding my UNTOLD SECRET . The secret of my first love,my first kiss,my first romance and much more.He is an inspection engineer in indraprasth gas limited. it was the first day of my college 2 year,I bunked the class and went to meet him in okhla bird sanctuary.He came with his 2 friends Vinod and aadarsh. He wore that igl shirt in Which he looks like an officer with a black pant. He gave me a red rose and some chocolates which his friends have helped him to buy. His friends leave us alone in the bank of River Yamuna. we spent 4 hours knowing eachother ,then he told me his real name Sanvar lal dangi,he is from jhalawar, Rajasthan. His friends call him Sanwariya and I ,I call him सांवरे. There was something in the evening the feeling that I felt with him never had with anyone else,he was the first in my life and may be last as well. He left me home on his bike.And I was sitting back enjoying the feeling and cold breeze. The relief and care that I found with him was unforgettable.After this we started talking wh

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It's an amazing love story