The Death I Asked For

By Vidushi Agarwal
Jan 05 2020 3 min read

I was gasping for air when the realization dawned upon me. I realized that everything does go around the world and comes back to you… She was a fresher at my college, you know the innocent kind? Exactly that sort. I knew she was the one, I just knew it when I first laid my eyes upon her and the best part? No one would even notice if she went missing. I began with my work very sincerely and came in her good books very quickly, you see to betray someone you've to first gain their trust, isn't it? That's exactly what I did. Gradually, we went out on lunch and to the library. We also went shopping, for coffee and also for buying groceries.  I also came to know that she's an orphan, this made me jump with joy. I was so happy, a perfect target I thought. One day, when I felt the time was perfect I invited her to dinner, an offer I think she was expecting and waiting eagerly for. I prepped my ax and knives and also kept a hammer handy, just in case you know. She came in wearing a pink dress. I felt so proud at that moment, I had made a perfect choice for my

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