The dark night

By Naveen Bhatt
Aug 11 2019 1 min read

This is the story of simran who lives in north east delhi. She is 23 old year girl who looks beautiful and his neighbour likes her ans she she knows . one night she is watching tv and suddenly she thought why not eat popcorn while watching tv and she stood and goes in kitchen for popcorn suddenly bell rings on the door. She goes to open the door and when she opend there was no one. She thinks his neighbour harshit playing with her. She closed the door then her phone bell rings she pick up the call " hello, hello who is there then her lights goes she cuts the call and suddenly she listens someone crunching popcorn in the kitchen she afraid because she was alone in the house and then she slowly slowly goes to the kitchen" who's there anybody there. She opens the door and she shouted because harshit in the kitchen with a mask(ghost). She said " harshit whtats the joke you know my heart beating fastly. Then both watch tv together and after some talk harshit goes to his room but in the morning somebody knocking te door of harshit" anybody inside, open the door&qu

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It was good.
Your idea work its really suspensive story But it is easy to reas if you give space between paragrap