The crime of Vegas

By Rajeev Rj
Oct 27 2019 2 min read

Well it seemed so. he was chasing Carl and the intercom Amy traced the signal sent by Mark and found that he was hiding inside a old abandoned storage unit and we told Carl to wait outside and he did as said so and we got in a black suv that was given to us by the Indian intelligence on our request we were given a office, a black suv, 5 I mac's to do our job on and some I'd proof's and anyway got in the suv and got to that place and saw Mark holding a gun in his hand and we got out of the car and then all 5 of us reunited and got inside the place but then on the right we saw someone and Mark shot him down but it wasn't Carl and then we had a shoot down and then we all surrounded Carl and he told me that he was Mark but Mark had already pointed the gun at Carl but I shot Mark in his leg at he fell down I told Amy, Tiger, Jackson that actuall Mark was Carl who had himself surrounded by us and I told everyone that Mark had a blind spot on the right side of his right eye and he just shot down one of the guys as we had entered the place and how he head gone through a plast

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