The Blue Bird

By Shweta Nishad
Oct 06 2019 1 min read

a:2:{i:0;s:1130:"~***~The Blue Bird~***~ A boy named Krishna used to hurt animals a lot. Other kids didn't like him because he was an orphan and poor too. But one day his life turned around when he came across a bird-egg. That egg hatched and a small bird came out of it. It assumed Krishna as its mother.  Seeing this Krishna felt warmed and got excited about its nourishing. He decided to adopt and take care of it because he was feeling alone in the world too. This incident developed a love towards animals in his heart. All the other kids liked to come to him just to watch the bluebird. He was also enjoying it and used a whistle to give direction to the bird.  One day that bird flew away and never came back. Since then Krishna always whistles once in a while in the hope that it would make the bluebird come back.   Thank You For Your Precious Time To Read It

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