The Blood Countess (Serial Killer Series: Part 1)

By Ritwika Ghosh
Jan 31 2019 3 min read

Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560–1614), also known as the ‘Hungarian Blood Countess’ has been one of the most vicious murderers in human history.Born in a prominent noble family in the Kingdom of Hungary, she and her family enjoyed a fair amount of autonomy and privilege. Her family ruled over Transylvania and her uncle was the king of Poland. Right from her childhood, she had witnessed horrendous torture meted out to her family’s subjects, especially the poor peasants. One of her uncles supposedly was involved in occult practices and introduced her to satanic rituals. At a very young age, her aunt taught her all about sadomasochism. She used to suffer from multiple seizures, presumably due to epilepsy. It is easy to perceive that she had a very disturbed childhood.At the age of 15, she was betrothed to Count Ferenc Nádasdy, who was one of the most influential and wealthy men of Hungary in that era. They lived in Csejte castle where she conducted most of her atrocities. It is said that he had built a torture chamber for his beloved wife to please her and often enga

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