The blessed voice

By Lalee Pawar
Jun 03 2020 2 min read

The blessed voice The girl with the voice that is blessed by God themselves. The voice that can heal the incurable illness to sway the hearts of your enemies, suddenly vanished from the existence.    People tried and failed to locate the melody girl with emerald green eyes and beautiful and shiny and wavy brown hair.    she wasn't found and the death till has began to increase, the king feared for his nation made an announcement to his kingdom's treasure hunters.   "Whoever brought back the melody girl, will be prized with a the honour in king's  court." He thought he made the right decision but unfortunately the people are greedy and hence the king was fallen to hands of his own son. The prize for the melody girl changed and instead of a seat in king's court they will get one thing they want other than becoming king himself. In a Faraway land near the vast ocean a girl looked at the direction grasslands of Mivoeta and sighed. She knew the greed and knew the power. She vowed to never go back in there no matter what and tha

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