The Adorable Lauren Part 7!

By Tushar Singh
Nov 08 2019 1 min read

She asks, "Tushar..." He's lost. She taps on his shoulder hardly. He wakes up and says in a shock, "Whoa! What happened?" She says, "What are you doing? It's like you're sleeping with your eyes open, you don't even have an idea of what's going on in the class and the teacher told me to come up to you and warn you before she grants you a punishment" He opens his eyes wide open and says, "Alright, I'm sorry, I'll concentrate now" She looks at him and smiles as she says, "Okay, let me know if you need anything" Tushar shakes his head as she walks away slowly. To be continued in the part 8.... Stay tuned! Guys, it's really hard to make a story and it's plot so if you wanna support me somehow then please do rate 10 cursors at the end, I would really appreciate it. Don't forget to check the other parts if you haven't already. Keep smiling :)

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Do not worry! You are doing well.I really enjoyed all the parts of this story. Stay motivated!