The Adorable Lauren Part 6!

By Tushar Singh
Nov 08 2019 1 min read

Meanwhile, adam greets lauren in a slow voice, "Hi lauren, how are you?" She replies, "I'm good, how are you" Adam says, "Me too, you can make yourself comfortable btw" Lauren slowly starts to feel comfortable. Adam follows up by asking, "So, how old are you, lauren?" She replies, "I'm 17 years old, what about you?" He replies, "I'm 16, we're really close in age, not much difference, is it?" She looks at him and replies, "Yeah I guess.." Adam and Lauren starts talking and gets very comfortable with each other as well as getting close to each other. After talking for literally 3-4 hours, adam slowly tries to keep his hand on lauren's hand and he does it.....but she doesn't mind it and looks at him as she smiles a bit. On the other hand, tushar is sitting in his classroom sitting alone as he suddenly can't stop thinking about how beautiful lauren was and her Innocent face as he taken a glance of her earlier today. As he's lost in her thoughts, other classmates slowly starts

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