By Sheetal Negi
Apr 29 2019 1 min read

Less accustomed to metro I Had no choice last week but reluctantly travel in it with my friends. But to my greatest surprise it was jam packed that day. I was standing and listening to my peers's unstoppable talk…(such chatterbox they were!) when suddenly I felt a bad touch. A man standing beside me was making me uncomfortable. God knows what was he intending to do. I turned back and gave him a jittery look but that wouldn’t stop him. My self confidence was prodded and his grotty act astounded me.Suddenly a man standing near me reprimanded him (maybe he was observing this man) and appalled him to stand properly or else he’ll be thrown out.My stop came and I hurried to go out of that station without looking back. Broken and shocked I was at that time…I still wonder why didn’t I stand for myself?

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