That one friend !

By Aravind Unnikrishnan
Nov 05 2019 1 min read

This is about that one friend you all have. That one friend who was not always around you, that one friend who can't be there for you always,that one friend who misjudge you at times ,that one friend who you only meets once or twice in a year , that long distant friend. Yes , that friend of yours. Do you know what's special about such friendships? You can always catch-up from where you left the last time. Buying that Red-velvet cake which was promised while the last time we met , beating for the numerous things that have been told via WhatsApp. All the cursing , mocking which was all stacked inside just to pour on that day while we meet. After that some serious talks, some motivation, some serious advices ,some laughs in between , as the day ends we have to say goodbye to each other untill the next time we meet. Those memories of that day will push all along through the days,weeks, months.Untill the next time we meet, Those memories will be alive. They won't be around you always, they may not have the time to talk to you everyday, But they exist, they will be there s

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Nice yaar keep it up