Term of calculation of distance in Space

By Harpreet Singh
Jan 22 2020 1 min read

Our Universe or Space is very vast and dark. But instead of its darkness its distance is measured in terms of light. The Speed of light is used to Calculate the distance in space or universe. There is nothing faster than light. The speed of light is very fast. We generally heard the term "This Train is running at lightning Speed by this means we can say that there is nothing fast than light. Light travels the distance very quickly. The total speed of light is 29,97,92,458 meters per second. Speed of light is very quick and fast. but Light of sun covers the distance of 8 minutes to reach us or to reach earth as sun is approximately 14,80,00,000 Kilometers away from us or from earth. Our Scientists also disclose the fact anyone can do time travel with the help of light. Anyone who can achieve the speed of light can do a time travel as time gets stops at this Speed. Scientists also calculate the distance from one planet  to another in universe in light years.

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