By vaibhav rathore
Dec 23 2019 2 min read

problems are always temporary but we make an issue of subject matter permanently, we think through our point of viewand underestimates the others view. if we start looking from both the sides of coin we will find that each of the side is on equal basisand too have their own attributes and lagging's.the word temporary more small its sound the more impact it makes on a mind set but the problem arises where human becomestotally sensitive about his own notion and starts debuting by his in front of others without understanding the complexity of a concernmatter, we do make an issue of anything we want but know very well and have red many such a consequences that what your are going toseed the same fruit you are going to plough out from your fields.human by nature is a sensitive being and its true that as a human neither we or others can accept the criticism on their thoughts so theydon't accept the bad things about themselves either, but it has been inculcated in our mind and our childhood that we must listen at least may be not obey everything but at least listen to others point of view o

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