Sunday Slavery

By Amit Umesh Watve
Jan 10 2020 2 min read

It's your private room and you are sitting relaxed in a cross-legged position with eyes closed at 'Sunday' morning. You focus on one thought and try harder to stick on it. Suddenly, another intruding thought dance beside your focused one, now you feel very disturbed and try to engage the intruder thought with a lot of efforts and when finally you succeed in doing so, you get back to your initial thought and focus again. Now another uninvited monster thought to come and torture you by teasing like a monkey and make your concentration process hell. Now you are angry & in attacking position with all your mental power to capture it and while doing that, your earlier 'prisoner' get clutch-free and start disturbing you again. Now you are playing 'Kabbadi' with these two thoughts and without notice, their other accomplices arrive and start torturing you along with their bosses. This 'notorious' gang of thoughts is laughing on you and enjoying their success of screwing your entire concentration process.           Now what you d

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