Subaya stories

Nov 30 2019 1 min read

Once upon a time lived a man named subaya. Subu for short, subu was 20 years old by then, later subu joined as a servant to a local landlord. One day when the landlord had guests he called subaya and told give me a telescope from the cupboard , subu scurried away and soon he got it and told here you are sir and the landlord was a kind of a showoff guy then later after the guest had left he called him and scolded , You IDIOT before going to fetch the telescope u should have asked me which one i wanted the english telescope or the French telescope so that the guest would have know that i am rich. Subu told yes sir , i am terribly sorry. After a few days another guest arrived , while the guest was was wandering around the house. He found a stag on the wall  and asked the landlord who killed this stag? . The landlord said proudly its was my father then called subu and told him to bring his father's photograph from the cupboard and then subu asked which father sir the english father or the Japanese father sir. The guest

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Creative content writing its and different take on the situation which is great and made it nice
Nice one and the Grammar must be checked at few places. The content is nice