Story Of Hotel Hacienda

By Nabaranjan Palatasingh
May 28 2020 1 min read

The story of Endurance Flight which is know was most longest time flight. It was flying for continuous 64 Days without landing anywhere. Let's start The story begins when inside of Las Vegas there are a Hotel newly open that named as HOTEL HACIENDA. It was situated end of the city. Due to some reasons this hotel cannot earn good money. Because very less people are visiting there for Stay in that hotel. Owner of hotel decided to advertise his hotel. But that should be in something different way. Then decide to fly a Plane that should be create a world record. Then he designed a plane and that plane should for continuously longest time. Then he appointed a single pilot his name was John W. Cook but it was not possible to fly a plane by the help of single pilot. Then hire pilot with having good mechanic skill his named was Robert E. Timm. Both pilots were start flying this flight but problem is how to refueled it. This pilots were install one extra tank for Gasoline. Both of fule tank help for fly only 12 hrs. Then he decided to fly the plane with a Fule tank truck. Yes one truck ru

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