By Sandeep Sandy
Feb 10 2021 1 min read

   Friend s, status ,we aknow about it. Every day moring we wake up sone one have a habit of seeing status in social media ,if we like it we will keep the same status in our personal account. We wish everyone birthday s, festival and also those who died too ,through media. This. Is the trend now.  Not very one will saame status someone will keep according their mood. Yes , it's their wish they, can. Someone like me keep sad status ecppressing that  their are in sad mood.  When ever we go to some mall or hotel whenthe food arrives first of all we take a pic and upload in media as status.or when we vist a function we will takea pic and keep status. Like evach and every small thing we keeping tin social media nowadays. We can identify a person day who it is my seeing their status. If they put happy their day is happi. If they put sad ,then they ar ein sad mood. It's every one personal to keep their will and wish in social media. Yaa , I too lost broken status in what's aap beaz  I can't even teel my pain to anyone beaz no one can. Under

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