Spring - The Monochrome of Emotions

By Surbhi Bajaj
Mar 03 2019 3 min read

“I am not special,” I say, as I make my way towards the hall.Rose dodges a piece of gum stuck to the floor and squints, “You’re just being modest, Leah. I know you’re going to ace the competition.”I scoff jokingly at her, “Yeah, well, let’s see. It’s been a while since I’ve done this.”She smiles and wishes me good luck in the form of a kiss.“I’ll pick you up in an hour.”I take a deep breath and walk into the hall.After all the participants are seated, a scrawny boy with thick auburn curls, announces the rules.“You will each be given an individual theme, chosen out of the ones written on these cards, and you are to write either a story or a poem based on that theme. There is no word limit, so go nuts.”I begin my daily ritual of positive affirmations to keep the anxiety at bay. After months and months of battling depression and nearly succeeding in getting rid of it, I’ve gotten quite good at self-therapy.Writing is your passion and you’ve worked really hard. You’ll be okay, comes the calm, soothing voice, as if it were talking to a child.I receive

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