Space is an emotion

By Kushal Samant
Sep 10 2019 10 min read

Space Is An Emotion. Space is an emotion, and a rather strong one. Space effects almost every aspect of a human life, not excluding what we share with each other. Every kind of space that you walk into or even crawl into at times, generate emotions that we experience in various spaces. Emotions contribute to the making of a place. Some of these factors that lead to changes in the subconscious thought. I understand that human experience is subjective. Sometimes beyond the human capacity to measure. Here, I attempt to illustrate certain observed notions between human emotions and the spaces we inhibit, mostly through my personal experience while pursuing my architectural works. The understanding of human behavior has been the key to designing event spaces or rather businesses that thrived on the concepts of people paying for their time spent at these venues. It was crucial to dissociate money from the experience. A better way to put it would be to say that creating spaces that contributed so much more to wellness, so that most people would prioritize their lives around these spaces.

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