By Saral Sinchuri
Oct 24 2018 5 min read

Permaculture is the term which refers to sustainable agriculture and settlement like backyard food gardening which is held by the ethics of care of the earth, care of the people and sharing the surplus. People find less or no interest in engaging themselves in the unpaid work. This is termed as ‘blind bit of difference’ in stopping the environment crisis by Bill Mallinson and David Holmgren. Sociology on environment focuses on dual aspects of people in the society relating the natural world and environment as a social problem, social meaning of kangaroo is the best example. The book published in 1962 explains the effects of toxic pesticides on the bird and the other animals. The main two approaches, namely realist approach and the constructionist approach can explain what sociology does to the environment. The realist approach deals with the real problems prevailing in the environment which elaborates the social cause of the environmental issues. According to this approach sociology has to deal with the social roots of the environmental problems alon

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