By Talha Ansari
Oct 09 2019 1 min read

When I am sad I wanna know how to overcome it but when my lips are busy laughing and screaming in happiness, then I don’t find any problem with me.I like it because I enjoy being the part of character’s sadness. It means I like being sad and wanna feel this emotion too. The smile is being so overrated and people have become obsessed for getting this ingredient on their plate.The only difference now I see in happiness and sadness is. Happiness is practiced in front of world and sadness is being practiced in loneliness. It’s same as failure hits you in public while success cherish you in private. With this changed mindset I have build love for every moment. There are swings in my feelings and I love to ride this roller coaster. I wanted to keep fighting but what was the point? To get knocked down again and again? To be someone's toy?. Will anyone come looking for me when I am gone? Will anyone even remotely care? I may never know. I can't be perfect and I'm sorry! Sorry sorry sorry! All the sorry s in the world won't help me in this... Who is there for

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