social media is a crime

By kshitij agrawal
Sep 17 2019 2 min read

Nowadays everyone is logging in to facebook and all kinds of social media.People are reading in news that there are lots of accidents being happening because of people taking selfies at life risking areas like "middle of the road".Such people who are doing this kind of nuisance are blaming the car driver for the accient. Yestetday I was returning from my office from metro.There were two friends who were talking about road accidents and how rash do people drive vehicles on road.After getting out of metro, coincident and my misfortune that they were walking just a few steps away from me.There was a signal crossing and it was a main 4 point crossing. All of a sudden both of them moved forward ignoring the cars coming and they sat down on the road for taking selfie and they even showed their guts by doing this but one of them lost his fone hit under a car and they were yelling at that car for their loss.THEY WERE CRIMINALS who after doing crime like this dont admit that they have done the crime and blame others for their crime. This is the real crime which is done by around

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A good thought but could be portrayed better
Yes, this is so right. It's true. Lovely way to give a message to everyone using social media. ❤️❤️❤