Simply strange

By Krunal Barmera
Jan 21 2020 5 min read

It all started as a kid. When I felt like I am the only living person and everyone around me is just making me believe whatever I saw was true. Eventually, I grew up and live taught me that it was all in my head and we are living. But what is living? What is time? And if there's time, when did it began? And if it began at said time, what happened before that, and before? These are the questions which have been answered by us humans giving different answers based on different religions. But no answer truely satisfied me. How can someone be so sure that it happened this way. "Because our forefathers said so" they say. But have you heard about Chinese whispers? Let's give you a scenario. Have you heard about Ramayan? They say that kumbakaran was as tall as a mountain. But let's use Chinese whispers in this story. Say, I saw a man who is big, like 7 feet tall. And I go and tell my friend. Hey I saw a man who is 7 feet tall. He goes and tells another friend that he saw a person who is 9 feet tall. And that other friend tells another that he saw a man who was 10 feet

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