Silk and S’mores

By Vishesh Bhambhani
Jun 06 2019 1 min read

Waking up at my farm,No less than a thickly deserted island,Smelling barbecued s’mores By my fifty yet fine man. Knowing all the tricks to make me happy by heart now. Walking towards him , I am hurdled by Daisy - Blue and family. Our labradors,Fighting the inevitable war with the eagles .I notice a twitch on the gentleman’s face. You see how attention an important thing for old people and dogs. After sending them inside,I sit next to him,Smiling and enjoying the sumptuous meal served to me.Laughing our heads out on the previous nights arguments. As I turn around to askThe reason behind such a lovely morning,He wraps his arms around my neckWith a rainbow coloured scarf Saying-“ This was a date that I thought I would go out with you, 25 years ago.And now that we are here , my rainbow is complete. “-How I wish my parents had celebrated their 25th anniversary. - Rashika Chaudhry

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