Should vs Is?

By Priya Jain
Oct 04 2018 2 min read

"Should vs Is" is a never-ending fight that has been fought over years, in the courtrooms, behind the four walls, in the locked hearts & are dug deep inside the ones, we call as traitors. In our everyday lives, we are always asked to be the judge of this competition between 'Should' and 'Is', and who wins almost always is 'Is', and that is why whenever 'Should' wins, history is created. We have this built inside us to do something which is not 'should'.We should not disrespect anyone on the basis of caste, creed or finance, but we do give respect to people on the basis of their financial status and name it caste or unhygienic morals of them. We should not make lovers break-up due to different religions, but we make people love each other on the basis of religion. We should not sideline the people with darker skin tone, but we do search for people with fairer skin tone. We should help the people in need, but we don't in the name of safety. We should not peek into someone's mobile phone, but we do love to peak. We should not sleep late, but we don't wake up earlier either. We

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A thought provoking write-up. I wish the writer all the best for their future endeavors!