Share of my heart

By Seema Gupta
Nov 08 2019 1 min read

Share of my heart"     Beyond the eternity of time,   someone unknown , never met   I have discovered you from the   hidden treasure miles and miles  away   beyond thinking and imaginations   I feel the fragrance of your entity   in my heart soul and body   where I find  privilage to   feel you as share of my heart........   always in my heart in every beat of it   between cold wind of lonely nights   i feel  floating on rainbow and clouds   with flickring stars in my palm   moonlight showering around and   fantasy of this  cumbersome view   provides me musical chorus of your words   I take a moment to listen to you .....   and in respond I whisper in horizon   All the good wish from my heart   to Share of my heart...   to share of my heart.....    Seema Gupta ( "Seemaa")

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