By Lalee Pawar
Feb 18 2020 3 min read

The shadows moving forth the room making her skin crawl in fear. She didn't know what to do other than screaming to let her out or banging on the doors of her room.  The yellow Iris of those shadowy figures always watching her, eating, sleeping, bathing, every single moment. She was disgusted by them, want to get rid of them. They are watching her since her childhood. She still remember that time when she told her parents about them for the first time. Flashback  She was coming back from school, when she saw them again trailing behind her. She has been creeped out by them, seeing their smokey black bodies similar to a Shadow, with lava like yellow-oragish eyes. Their long strands of hair looks like flowing smoke unlike the rest of their body. "Mama why are they following me?" She asked her mother. "Who dear? I don't see anyone." her mother told her brushing her question aside. "But mama they are there, following us like creeps."Mila point towards those shadowy figures. "There's no one in there mila, quite mak

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