Bleeding Flower

By Karthick AM
Sep 07 2019 2 min read

                    This is a real-life incident of women who fought caste oppression in India.                         This story is about women known as Nangeli who lived in the early 19 th century at Cherthala in the state of Travancore (currently in Kerala)                       During those days in the state of Travancore, where the lower caste women's has to pay MulaKaram (breast tax) to cover their breasts with a cloth, this was considered as a sign of modesty to the upper caste people. The sad part was that the tax was collected according to the size of the breasts. The larger the breasts the higher the tax.                       The Pravathiyar (Village officer)  will travel from door to door to collect the breast tax from the lower caste women who had passed puberty.             &n

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