Science-A Technology Poem

By madhu_ karnika70
Sep 12 2020 1 min read

I woke up each morning when my android makes noise technically speaking he is just one of my favourite toys. Call me lazy but I try to save time microwaving my breakfast is not a real crime. Before I dance,with my electric toothbrush,straight for the inbox. I dive in a rush with the click of mouse I outsource my work through amazing reviews.I search for my perk, I won't wait for weeks demand it today another PS3 game,I can't wait to play. I attempt to snap out from my wired realm. It seems like technology is right at the helm. I drive half a block to the grocery store technology is friendly and opens the door I finally use my dry mouth to speak. I'm definitely rusty and sound like a freak. Why can't they get a robot to slice to meat,disappointment.  I eagerly tweet at the checkout i have a clear choice use a human or a machine with a voice. I return to my office,my game has arrived my ancestors were truly technology deprived...

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