Scars- a peek into my diary!

By Shriti Malakar
Jul 09 2019 3 min read

..So to this day, you are in search of yourself. Your depth. Your inquisitiveness. And you learn your strengths. But wonder what took you so long?? The Scars!! Yes, they defined you to a point where you chained yourself and stood still doing nothing. Something so strong held you behind bars that you forgot....This is not what should define you! Let the time-wheel rotate anti clockwise. What do you see?? A hurt individual, so bruised, so tamed that made her all she ever didn't want to be. She has known and tasted pain so much so that she never wanted to be the reason for someone's pain. Fearing thyself and in the fear to lose commitments and everything along....she took to bleed but never let know people associated to her. She now scares everyone in and around. She scares loosing on every loved ones. She scares people and their motives. She scares truth being revealed. She scares herself! Until one day, he came as a storm unexpected  to whirl everything within, to bring her out of her own created tsunami ....pouring out so loud that now, she had to begin her

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