Say, She Toy - Chesya Burke

By Prateek Verma
Oct 03 2018 13 min read

“Say I’m a nigger bitch.”“I am. A nigger. Bitch.”“Say it right: I am a nigger bitch!”“I am … a nigger bitch.”“Yes. You are.” The man stared. He looked like a picture of the Christ figure, the holy symbol that humans often use to assure themselves of their own value, their humanity. As he watched, his blue eyes were bright and excited, the pupils dilated, looking like one would describe the ocean. If, of course, one had ever seen the ocean. If, of course, one could be considered one at all. “Get on your knees. Take it into your mouth, gently.”Cloe bent on knees that were too dark to be confused with any other random race, took the man between thick lips and began to suck his pale, size five-and-a-half-inch dick. Cloe was programmed to taste, so knew that his penis was salty. It had rested in his underpants, within his business suit all day, sweating, waiting.“Do you like that?” The man pulled his dick away, then slapped Cloe across the face, hard. There was no pain, but knowing this would not please him, Cloe reacted as programm

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