Sabrimala - The Environmental Facet

By Sahil Bhalerao
Feb 05 2019 2 min read

The Sabrimala issue has been fast catching the attention of the public as a major civic issue, for the protestors regard it as something which is above the law. The ban on the entry of women in the temple shows the level of orthodoxy that still exists in the modernised contemporary. But there is an entirely different facet of the story that is yet to be known by all. This is the environmental threat which is being entailed upon the greens of the region. The reasons are as follows - 1. The Monetization Game - The number of people who come to worship is increasing in an alacritous manner and this has caused the authority to cater to their needs. To be put into simple words, the worshippers are being looked upon as consumers of religion. This entire process of worship is being monetized for raising profit margins for certain individuals. Now wouldn't it be blasphemous if some part of the forest is being cleared illegally to make way for the bigger stakes? So here is the first cause - The clearing of forest for meeting the demands of the authority and the worshippers. 

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