Roots : the road

By Subham Dawn
Sep 27 2019 2 min read

The scene before me right now light-years away from reality. The sky that i can see is pure white without any blemishes to the point it's feel like a white canvas. There's no sun, no moon, no cloud only white. There's a question came to mind that where's the mild rain coming from ? It's seems it's create in thin air. I know it's ridiculous but in this unknown place logic can't be trusted. Right now where I'm sitting, yes! I'm sitting on a horse/ wolf back. (Horse/wolf because it has large head of a wolf and body of a horse). Surrounded by few other people siiting on same as my horse/ wolf creature but there's sizes bit smaller. Behind our group there are several people with bow, spear, stick etc. From where I'm now i can see a village behind me and we are at the end of the village. The ground that the horse/wolf standing filled with mud and bones. Yes! Bones, and from it's looks one can identify it's some animal bone organized in some sort of symbolic away. Every small house entrace have this kind of bone place in cross sha

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