Roots : the road II

By Subham Dawn
Oct 12 2019 2 min read

Story so far is that I'm stuck in a body of a group leader of a small village and they're right now going on journey to find the Golden temple of Peace. So now you must be thinking what the hell is that? The answer i get from the person behind me is that it's a place to fullfil any desire of a man. I don't get it what's he mean by that and i don't want to know any details. My first priority is now to how where in world i am and how to get back previous world mine to find out who killed me and why? So in midst of cheering we begin our journey to the bloody red forest in front of us. As howling horses move forward toward the forest i shift myself to the side of the road and began to inspect the surrounding. As we move forward, the road is now clear without any mud or puddle can be seen as if the rain never happened while ago. The surrounding trees gives of a mysterious feeling of hidden danger deep within them. After quater of an hour i see something out of odinary, a vine is burning on a red tree without any sign of exhaustion. I came to aware that in my group

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The story was good. Especially the ending was wonderful of the story. It was having all feeling s.