By Subham Dawn
Sep 25 2019 1 min read

Everything seems to become blurry, light is going dim in surrounding. I am trying my hardest to open my eyes but no effort seems enough. A dark sharp saber piercing my back, blood pouring out of my body without any indication of stopping. I'm trying my hardest to look behind my back, but I can't see anyone. My soul is sliping out of my body into Oblivion."Is he dead?" Someone said in low voice. From the person's voice one can't seems determined that the voice belong to women or man. "Even the gods can save him now." Another person responds to the question with a assurance tone. The people shadows slowly fading away in surrounding, leaving behind a lifeless body. I can see a light, it's getting bigger and bigger every moment until it's become a shape of a tunnel. Tunnel which is appear before myself in darkness seems to calling me and so i walk through the door unconsciously to get into a situation which can not be explained with concept of words. Air filled with smell of blood with rain pouring mildly with constant bickering of people can b

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Realy enjoyed,,smell of boood and fleshed makes this wtory amazing and really thrilable and emotiona
Its a nice story