Rise of crime

By Divyanshu Sharma
Jan 05 2020 1 min read

Rise in Delhi crime due to lack of pro-active policing, says ex-police chiefs On the rising use of firearms in executing crimes in Delhi, including on busy streets, one of the chiefs said it is a disturbing trend for the Delhiites.   The surge in Delhi's crime graph, particularly the heinous incidents involving use of firearms, is mainly because of lack of pro-active policing and hot pursuit of hardened criminals, former decorated Police Commissioners of the Delhi said. Ajai Raj Sharma and Neeraj Kumar, both regarded as top crime busters, underline the need for the Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) and Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) to monitor closely the law and order situation and ensure that the heat is maintained on the known criminals of their areas.

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