Rhino(The cause for cancer)

By Karlapudi Venkata sai kiran
Jan 02 2020 1 min read

​​​​​​Do you know the rhino horn is chopped off for a chemical called keratin which is in our NAILS,HAIR,TEETH also    These innocent animals are shot with tranquilizers and during sleep their horns are chopped and were allowed to bleed to death. This is all happening because of that chemical which is used for stimulating sex which is most disgusting at the humans part  The unknown fact is that this keratin is used in the manufacturer of lipsticks, lip balm e.t.c  Over dosage of this keratin can cause sever cancer  Litrally we humans are killing innocent animal's to get cance. The nail's what we cut and through away feeling it as useless that same thing is taking away life's, it came to such an extent that it caused white rhino's to get extinct  Please have some sense in your head humans before performing something 

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