Relativity in life

By Mahtab Ansari
Feb 21 2020 1 min read

Einstein has told this scientifically between space and time. But I think that apart from space and time there are most of the things in our daily life that are relative (in nature), based on this analysis in the very first post of mine I am going to talk about 'situations' (how situations are relative). I think the conclusion which we have drawn for most of the things in today’s world are not exactly true as we think of them that they are like if someone study for 2 hours daily and can top the exam it does not guarantee that anyone can do the same, maybe someone study for 4 hours daily but cannot even qualify the exam, this is a classical example. So what I am saying is that every situation in life can be relative to everyone for its particular case and scenario. Maybe you have realized that the same situation can occur differently for different people, but I would like to add that even the same situation can results differently for the same person when occurred on a different time interval. Every situation is relative to the point of time at which it is happeni

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