By Suchismita Ghosh
Jan 23 2020 2 min read

2nd May 1980, I was only twelve years old and my sister was nineteen years old. We were celebrating my sisters birthday. We were very happy but I had to leave the next day for studying in abroad with my uncle. I left my sister and father alone but every Sunday I use to send a letter. Since last 2 years, I didn't receive any letter from the other end. I immediately decided to return.   2nd May 1992, I returned back home to my family. But the unfortunate news made me shocked. The family that I used to have is no more. My father who was a doctor and my sweet elder sister was a teacher but they were no more today. Tears rolled down before their hanging picture. Before I could hear the reason behind their death, uncle said he would like to meet me tomorrow. I was so tired that I reclined on the armchair in the drawing-room. Looking at my sister's eyes I felt sleepy. Suddenly I heard a noise from my sister's room. I went upstairs and suddenly there was load-shedding. With a hurry, I took the lighter out and saw someone ran away before me. I felt uneasy. I went to he

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Nice story about love
That was really shoking