Rebel! Rebel!

By Shruti Rastogi
Apr 13 2019 1 min read

I will shatter the glass you build around, Don't stop me this time,Let my emerging desires fall on the world, I beg your pardon,  Loose the shackles , you caged me in,I know the world is beautiful outside, waiting to be noticed ,Depriving is not the solution always, My dreams had already seen it's beauty ,a million times, Hopes are now welcomed , mistakes needs to be forgiven, Desires within me raging like the heat of the summer’s sun,Let it glow golden Or it'll burn ,You inquire about the crescendo obscured behind this serene face,I listen to the mountains that roar, louder each time on my call,Rebel ! Rebel ! Rebel!And this is just where I gain strength from ,I’ll cut the wings of despair this time,I promise I won't disappoint, Let me explore, Believe me I'm not that same small doll you cased in the glass once,Whom they admired and not touched ,‘Cause trust me I'm not that pure now.

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