Ram Rahim/Asaram Bapu -blind faith or religious loopholes?

By Alka .
Jan 28 2019 3 min read

Every person or self-proclaimed godman is free to set up shops in the name of religion. They are the schoolmasters of poor and middle class. Deras and religious babas act as an active antidote to the frustration caused by inequality, rampant, unemployment, poverty. They have emerged as a messenger between the people and God.Why do people sink into this well of blind faith? The blame for this should go to law, social malpractice and the superstitious society. these factors altogether have bloomed the market of blind faith.. In politics, the representative is more important than voters and in religion, godman is considered more important than God itself. these godman's liberate their devotes from drugs or bad habits and deliver subsidised food and give access to health services which government schemes failed to do. Devotee’s blind faith separates them from the world and their faith is traded. These devotees are traded as voters, private army, donor of body parts, sex slaves, blood and for their skills etc. It is their reservoir of power which empowers these babes and makes them acqu

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