Ram Rahim/Asaram babu- A mere blind faith.

By saba
Jan 28 2019 2 min read

"My heartfelt thanks to the court. It has carried out justice. The sinner deserves the harshest punishment possible." These are the words of the unfortunate father of the girl who had been raped by Asaram. At one time, the entire family addressed this self-styled saint as “Bapu". On the night of 15 August 2013, the Saint Bapu raped the innocent girl. Asaram today holds a sentence to life imprisonment. Before this, the police had to face a lot of difficulty while taking other gurus such as Ram Rahim too. Ram Rahim who was already serving a 20years imprisonment is now sentenced to life imprisonment for being charged for the murder of a journalist.The biggest question that arises, Why do people sink into this well of blind faith? These prevalent names are mere the blind faith of the people. The superstitions dwelling in the nation is verily acting as termites, destroying the very essence of Religion. Every charlatan is free to set up shop in the name of religion. To add on they get the support of the people which makes all the difference. It is no shock to hear of that these saints ho

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