Raised by witch

By Sumanth Naidu
May 11 2021 1 min read

It is a period of spells and magic. There was a kingdom for humans . In the neighborhood there was a forest..it consists of beautiful flora and fauna. Which you can never imagine. It was the place of evil witches.   Which was reason for the fear of humans. A human kid named George was lost in the forest.  Where he met a little witch. They have met for the first time began to meet ever since. After few years they fell in love. He promised her that he will return after he becoming king of the kingdom,he  also told her that he would unite both the kingdoms.    Years passed he had not returned.one day the king of humans declared the war and they had eventually got defeated. The king said" who will bring the horns of witch shall be crowned as a king". George came to meet the little witch Diana. To earn her. He gave her sedative and she was laying unconscious. He than cutted her horns and gifted to the king. The king married him to his daughter. The witch Diana's life became dark.she turned into the evil witch and  began to kill

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