Roots: the beginning

By Subham Dawn
Feb 20 2020 2 min read

I don't thing i can ever forget the thing i am seeing right now. The Person's hole face cover in blood, fingers of hands and legs ripped apart from the body and the body covered in slimy liquid that melting the skin. I can't even move my body because of horror. Blood rushing into my brain and making me dizzy. However i somehow control my emotion before fainting and slowly move backward. As i watch the person's face its like he is trying to say something but only whisper coming out his mouth and i don't have the courage to get close to him for listening. After creating certain distance from him i turn my back and run as fast as i can until i reach a small pool. "Somehow i escape from that thing, i don't know what was that but I don't think I ever want to see that again". I mumble myself as I walked towards  the pool while panting. after reaching the edge of the pool I check my surrounding but because there is no moon, stars or any other light so I can't see far, just judging from the quite surrounding I can sense that there's no other

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